Max Supreme koka brilles

Element Silver red/black

Augsta kvalitāte, ergonomika, izturība un mūsdienīgs dizains – tās ir tikai dažas no īpašībām, kas raksturo latviešu zīmola Max Supreme brilles. Lai gan zīmols radīts salīdzinoši nesen – 2014.gadā, brāļu Daira un Jāņa Muižnieku izgatavotās koka brilles kļuvušas par modes pazinēju iecienītu aksesuāru ne vien Latvijā, bet arī Krievijā, Lielbritānijā un Itālijā. Turklāt jau rudenī … Continued

Gift set

Gift set

A gift set for him or her – two pairs of prescription glasses framed in wood by Max Supreme, designed for “Rum 81”. Frames come in red and black. It’s the perfect present for any occasion. For more information go to or          

Polarized lenses


Many have heard about polarized lenses but may not know just how they work. A polarized lens acts like a filter which only allows the useful light that’s reflected by an object to pass through to the eye while blocking out all the glare caused by the scattered light traveling in random directions. Objects appear … Continued

Special design wood frame glasses for RUM 81

Hand made wood frame glasses for RUM81

Max Supreme make special edition wooden frame glasses for the “Rum 81” brand. Glasses have two main designs: black with a red line and red with a black line. Frames are made of ash that has been stained in either red or black colors. The “Rum 81” is a premium alcoholic beverages brand. For more … Continued

Max Supreme wood frame glasses in store Oscar

Max Supreme production in store Oscar

From now on you can find our products in the “OskaR” store, at the shopping centre “Mols”, Krasta 46, Riga. Oskars has the most interesting and modern products by Latvian designers and manufacturers.